Blenday Pure Immunity is a great combination of famous superfoods like rosehip, ginger, camu camu, acerola, blueberry and aronia. They all help to keep your immune system strong and what’s even more important – have great taste. This unique superfood mix is 100% natural, has no added sugars and is made of plant based ingredients only. As the whole pack will be dissolved in a blender and consumed in a smoothie, Blenday is probably the most sustainable superfood mix. Its packaging is either 100% consumed or recycled. Convenience, sustainability and great taste combined in one superfood pack – that’s Blenday!

One pack of Blenday Natural Immunity covers up to 150% of Your daily Vitamin C need.

Why is Natural Immunity good?
Vitamin C contributes to:
– maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise
– normal energy-yielding metabolism
– the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

14 Packs (9g / 0.31oz each) = 126g / 4.4oz

The color of the smoothie depends on additional ingredients added to the blender.