Blenday Energy Boost is made of superfoods which are well known as natural sources of energy. Hemp protein, maca, cacao powder and guarana are all known as natural energy boosters. Caffeine from Guarana is released more slowly compared to coffee, allowing the caffeine effect to last much longer and with fewer negative side effects. Besides the energy boost, this product is also rich in protein. This unique superfood mix is 100% natural, has no added sugars and is made of plant-based ingredients only. As the whole pack will be dissolved in a blender and consumed in a smoothie, Blenday is probably the most sustainable superfood mix. Its packaging is either 100% consumed or recycled. Convenience, sustainable approach and great taste combined in one superfood pack – that’s Blenday!

Why is Energy Boost good?
– Maca is a source of energy and supports physical and mental performance.
– Guarana helps to make you feel more energetic.
– Turmeric helps to support normal liver function.

14 Packs (9g / 0.31oz each) = 126g / 4.4oz

The color of the smoothie depends on additional ingredients added to the blender.