Blenday Green Detox is made of famous superfoods that help to remove toxins from Your body. Spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass together with lemongrass are blended into a perfect green mix. This product is rich in fibers that the human body needs for a healthy diet. And most importantly – we have created a detox superfood mix which really has a great taste. This unique superfood mix is 100% natural, has no added sugars and is made of plant-based ingredients only. As the whole pack will be dissolved in a blender and consumed in a smoothie, Blenday is probably the most sustainable superfood mix. Its packaging is either 100% consumed or recycled. Convenience, sustainable approach and great taste combined in one superfood pack – that’s Blenday!

Why is Green Detox good?
– Chlorella helps to eliminate heavy metals from the body, in combination with pectin they help to regulate sugar and cholesterol levels, thereby helping the digestive system
– Spirulina helps to support body’s vitality

14 Packs (9g / 0.31oz each) = 126g / 4.4oz

The color of the smoothie depends on additional ingredients added to the blender.