Blenday Gut Love is developed based on one of the most urgent consumer insights – how to feel good inside. This product contains superfoods which have a proven positive effect for a healthy gut. Psyllium husks, chia seeds, cinnamon, aloe vera and turmeric in one pack is a perfect combination to calm Your insides. Turmeric and aloe vera also contain antioxidants which are good for a sensitive gut. This unique superfood mix is 100% natural, has no added sugars and is made of plant-based ingredients only. As the whole pack will be dissolved in a blender and consumed in a smoothie, Blenday is probably the most sustainable superfood mix. Its packaging is either 100% consumed or recycled. Convenience, sustainability and great taste combined in one superfood pack – that’s Blenday!

Why is Gut Love good?
– Psyllium husks help to maintain a healthy bowel and facilitate intestinal transit
– Aloe Vera helps to support the digestion
– Turmeric contributes to the digestive comfort

14 Packs (10g / 0.35oz each) = 140g / 4.9oz

The color of the smoothie depends on additional ingredients added to the blender.