Hi everyone! I’m a co-founder of Blenday – a revolutionary superfood company. I am asked all the time about my life as an entrepreneur and how I maintain my happiness and healthy lifestyle when I’m always on the run. It hasn’t always been an easy ride for me but life is a rollercoaster with ups and downs and as You guys are my greatest listeners then I felt a great urge to tell You the story behind Blenday.

During my short but interesting life I‘ve seen a lot. I’ve seen how people are struggling with stress, diseases and unhealthy lifestyles. As it has become a new reality that everyone might be suffering from something, some may be just lucky enough to just not know or admit that, then we should pay more than ever attention to our body, mind and overall health. We should stop comparing our lives to others’ and instead take steps to improve our quality of life. Because of my tight schedule, getting my master’s degree and at the same time being a full-time leader in my company, I know that if I want to keep my daily dose of vitamins, minerals and healthy good food in check I need to get my delicious but at the same time healthy snack to give more fuel for my body.

What could be better than having a cup of smoothie with fresh berries or veggies, my favourite tasty almond milk and superfood powders, where the best fresh ingredients are concentrated to offer a high level of necessary nutrients. Ever since I discovered the power of smoothies I’ve started to drink them regularly but getting the right amount of superfoods is a challenge and there is always a mess in the kitchen after combining the powders. In addition, most of the packages for superfood powders create waste and are difficult or impossible to recycle, which makes me unhappy as I always try to be eco-friendly and caring to the nature. Nowadays when people have so little time to even talk face-to-face with their friends, they want to get simple, convenient and efficient solutions. That’s why me and Mart invented these innovative blendable superfood packs for smoothies that enable to keep Your necessary vitamins and minerals in check, combine healthy and tasty food and offer an eco-friendly plastic-free product from production to delivery.

Kelly Kangur
Co-Founder of Blenday