Blenday Blendable Superfood Pads to Boost Your Smoothies


Superfoods come in many forms, but plant-based blendable pillows are surely the most innovative. Blenday combines convenience, eco-friendliness and high quality superfood. Mix Blenday into smoothies together with your favourite ingredients to keep your daily vitamin and mineral levels in check










Easy blendable packs
No mess in the kitchen
Daily amount in 1 pack


Superior taste
Superfoods from around the world
Developed with nutrition experts


No package waste
Innovative packaging technology
Plant based


100% of the packaging to be consumed or recycled
100% plastic free


1. Throw 1 pack into your smoothie

2. Blend

3. Enjoy!


1. What are Blenday packs made of?
Blenday packs consist of superfood powders and an edible plant-based outer layer. Inside the pack we have chosen the best superfood powders to support your health and well-being. The outer layer is made of pectin and colorful superfood powders. Pectin is a natural fiber extracted from citrus fruits and apples.

2. Is the Blenday pack material safe?
Yes, it is not only safe and edible but furthermore – it is good for you! As a natural fiber, pectin is good for the digestion and may also lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels. The colorful superfoods have also been chosen to specifically complement the advantages of each mix.

Blend 1 pack with your favorite ingredients to boost your regular smoothie. The simplest recipe is 1 pack, 1 banana and almond milk but the possibilities are endless. Take a look at our recipes or unleash your creativity.

All Blenday products have a shelf life of 6+ months. You need to store your Blenday box in a cool and dry place, away from humidity, heat and direct sunlight. You can also store it in a refrigerator, but not in the freezer.

Yes, Blenday packs contain only natural plant-based ingredients.

Yes, you can definitely do that by tearing or cutting the packet open in a conventional way and pouring the powder out of the package. This enables you to use the powder in other applications besides a smoothie, such as adding it to drinks, porridges, pastries or other foods.

Superfoods are foods with a high nutritional density, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc which are extremely rich in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats. Blenday combines the best superfoods to create mixes that support your health and well-being.

Our superfood mixes are healthy and we believe them to be the tastiest on the market but what really sets us apart is the method of consumption. Forming blendable packs to contain the powders enables us to offer you increased convenience and sustainability as no plastic waste is generated.

Blend until the pack has been completely crushed and the smoothie has been evenly blended. Depending on the blender and ingredients it can take from 10 seconds to a few minutes.

We recommend you to consume 1 Blenday pack (9/10g) to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. It is a good way to start your morning right by adding one Blenday pack to your favorite smoothie ingredients. You can also consume more than 1 pack per day but make sure that you do not consume specific nutrients more than recommended.

We advise you to make sure that you do not consume specific nutrients more than recommended and in case of doubt consult with your doctor.

Our products do not contain known allergens. Nevertheless, if you have specific dietary restrictions, please take a look at the products’ ingredient lists and if needed, consult with your doctor.

Blenday packs contain healthy powders and we want to make products that are suitable for different segments because we believe that healthy food should be available for everyone. In case you avoid caffeine then you should avoid Energy Boost. Pure Immunity is the most popular pack among children due to the berry taste. If you are expecting a baby or you are a nursing mother then we recommend you to consult with your doctor.

We ship our products to 190+ countries around the world. You can see the complete list of countries in checkout and our Terms & Conditions. All orders are dispatched within 7 days if they are available in stock or in up to 30 days in extraordinary circumstances. Orders placed over the weekend are dispatched on Mondays. Standard shipping in Europe usually takes around 3-7 days and internationally up to 15 days. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the delays or changes that occur on behalf of courier companies.

Blenday has an online store where you can place your orders. If you are interested in selling our Blenday packs then feel free to contact us at


“Taking care of your body and eating healthy are important but in today’s world every second and action is at stake. People want simple, convenient and efficient solutions. That’s why me and Mart invented these innovative blendable superfood packs for smoothies that enable to keep Your necessary vitamins and minerals in check, combine healthy and tasty food and offer an eco-friendly plastic-free product from production to delivery.”

– Kelly Kangur, co-founder of Blenday

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